Proactive vs Reactive

More often than not we spend some time each day being ‘reactive’and at other times, more proactive. However, when activities, events, requests and tasks are constantly making demands on your time, it is easy to get into a mode where you continually react to events, rather than creating a working environment which is proactive. In other […]

Email Management

Emails – ‘The single biggest distraction in modern working life’ From research that we have done throughout many businesses, we have come to the conclusion that the majority of Managers are getting too many emails, leading to low productivity and ineffective communication. If this was the case before COVID-19, it’s highly likely that during remote […]

What is Time Management

If you really think about it, time management is an oxymoron. No-one, (apart from maybe a Marvel super hero!), can actually physically manage or ‘control’ time. However, what you CAN do is manage and control the activities or tasks you choose to do within the time available. We all have the same amount of time available […]