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Active Listening


1-2-1 Performance Review Meetings

The 1-2-1 Performance Review Meetings is a monthly focused meeting between a Manager and a direct report about individual performance. During the meeting you will review the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and progress against individual goals and objectives. The body of the discussion is based on documented evidence. Do you and your team […]

Virtual Team Huddles

The Team Huddle is a forum where Team Managers and team members ensure optimal daily performance through an effective verbal exchange of information. The meeting is designed to create an environment with active, engaging, performance focused discussion while ensuring adequate staff resources are available to meet the demand for the current day. Are you running […]

Action Plans

Creating an Action plan located in a central, easily accessible location allows for teams to see required structured activities outlined by the team Managers and their team. Action plans are structured plans that Managers create and implement in order to effectively manage and drive consistent improvement. They can be used at individual, team or project level. They […]

Running Effective Remote Meetings

Running effective remote meetings ensures that Managers and their teams are effectively communicating even in remote situations. The purpose and structure of remote meetings should be clear to all. Meetings that are effective and positive usually have the following characteristics: Well organised – e.g. agenda, punctual, well prepared, room booked, skilled chairperson, action plans/meeting notes/minutes […]