The IDEAS Model

The ability to generate new ideas and solutions in areas that need to be tackled and focused on, and then select those of most value and making change happen will be the key elements in helping the Coachee achieve the target they agreed at the Opening Meeting. This session focuses on the fact that most […]

Characteristics of High Performing Teams

One of the primary goals of a Team Leader is to develop a high-performing team and then maintain the team’s performance. See the below screenshot of the PERFORM tool from the Active Manger Platform.     We can use the PERFORM model to evaluate how we would asses our current team against the characteristics of […]

The Stages of Team Development

What’s important for you to note is that there are typically four stages of development that a team or individual goes through before attaining high levels of performance. Knowing which stage your team is at is critical for you in understanding which management style you should be using. By using our Stages of Team Development […]

Creating High Performing Teams

The term ‘high-performing teams’ can sometimes conjure up the idea of high flyers, however, what we are talking about here is your team performing to the best of their abilities and achieving the best results they possibly can. To enable you to create or identify your team as a high performing team you must understand […]