Agility & Resilience
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Acting with confidence and flexibility in changing circumstances                                                               

Effectively embracing change, particularly of late with the new requirements to work remotely, comes down to our frame of mind and how we keep ourselves agile, motivated and resilient in order to respond effectively. In an environment that feels like it is becoming increasingly uncertain, complex and ambiguous, the way in which we interact with people, in particular our teams, is constantly being put under pressure.

Understanding how to navigate through these changing environments and uncertainty is one thing, having the confidence and resilience to do so is another! It is, however, of the utmost importance not just for you, but also for your team members and colleagues.

Not everything that happens around us is within our control, and it is this perceived lack of control that can impact us negatively. The Agility and Resilience module explores the way in which we react, behave and respond to the things going on around us and provides guidance, tools and support to enable us to manage what IS within our control more effectively.

Mastering this will have an undeniable effect on how we manage our own work, our teams and the people around us, and is a key principle in becoming an Active Manager.

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